Bolt-ed to Gold Medal Platform

Usain Bolt made history in more ways than one the other night when he won Gold in the 100m sprint final. In a star-studded field that included all the biggest names in track and field. Usain Bolt used his speed to cut a defect in the last 50m that gave him gold and an Olympic record 9.63 seconds. Yohan Blake finished second in the meet, but the story was that Blake had beaten Bolt in the Jamaican trials earlier in the summer. This gave Bolt a wake up call in the preliminary event. Bolt had previously complained of a back problem, but there was no evidence of it in this event as he blew away the field and left people in awe of his closing speed as he moved from 6th at the halfway mark accomplish to his record.

Usain Bolt is only the second athlete to ever repeat in the 100m dash, joining Carl Lewis who did it in 84 and 88. Lewis however only repeated after another runner was disqualified, thus making Bolt’s accomplishment that much more impressive. Bolt went off as a +130 to win the 100 and 200m dashes before the olympics, however now he is an astonishing 1/7 favorite to win the 200m dash.  He won the 100m and 200m Gold in 2008 and is primed to be the only champion to repeat both Golds in two successive Olympics.

The marquee event of the track and field portion of the Olympics is generally the 200m dash.  With Bolt going for history, NBC is going to need to figure out how they can best take advantage of the sure-fire ratings extravaganza which, regretably, will probably mean a tape-delay.

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