Bobcats Defeat Bulls: 83-82

In lots of ways, this could have been the Bobcats’ most incredible win of the season, 83-82 over the Chicago Bulls at the United Center.

Late in the fourth quarter, D.J. Augustin led Charlotte with 15 points, Boris Diaw was next with 10, with no other cat in double digits. Charlotte shot 13-20 from the line. The Bobcats shot 0-13 from three while the Bulls shot 6-12 from distance.

However, the Cats managed to make up that significant difference by holding the Bulls at a low 39% shooting percentage from the field. The cats also didn’t hand the ball to the Bulls, turning it over only 9 times through out the game.

The Cats over came the questionable officiating decision with 8.2 seconds remaining, when the referees reviewed and overturned an out-of-bounds call to give the Bulls the ball, followed by Tyrus Thomas making a monster block, and then Gerald Henderson playing perfect defense on the ensuing inbounds play to harass Derrick Rose on a deep jumper attempt at the buzzer that fell short.

It’s the Cats’ second win over the Bulls in a week. Savor this one, fans.