Big Numbers For Women’s Hoops

She shoots, she scores! College basketball has a lot going on.

With DePaul University’s women’s basketball team being undefeated thus far in the Big East Conference, chances of the Blue Demons taking the whole shebang by force are closer to realistic.

In addition to DePaul becoming the first team in the country to reach the 20-win mark this season, the team welcomed back two formerly injured players just in time for their toughest game tomorrow against the University of Connecticut.

“I tore my ACL,” recounts senior guard Deirdre Naughton. “It’s good to be back though. We’re all really close.”

Alongside Naughton comes China Threatt, also a senior guard, who suffered a concussion earlier in the season from their game against Arizona State University.

Now the Lady Blue Demons can officially put their game faces on together as a team.

As far as the rest of the season is concerned, Coach Doug Bruno is looking forward to taking on each game one at a time, whether it results in a win or not.

“It’s about the person that’s in front of you,” says Bruno. “Focus on who you’re playing, not on the scoreboard.”

With their toughest game taking place in Connecticut tomorrow, it’s fair to say the results are bound to be explosive yet unpredictable.

To find out more about the Big East Conference and other stats, visit the DePaul Women’s Basketball website.