Betting Lines Suggest Obama a Sure Thing

On the eve of the most contested election in quite some time, we here at WCHI Sports like to look at some factors that may help you decide where to place your money in the run up to decision day.  Although all these polls have the election at a dead heat, the good oddsmakers in Vegas and around the world have it as no contest with President Obama at -300 ( to come out on top tomorrow night.

At -300 Obama can afford to tell donors he’s a sure bet to win.

Mitt Romney understands how money flows so he can’t like how people are wagering their hard-earned cash.

Romney isn’t a +300, but he is going off at 2.5 to 1 on the eve of the election. This has to be disheartening for the former Massachusetts governor.  I don’t even think his wife would bet serious money on him because she would be giving up such huge odds. To be -300 like Obama is the equivalent of the Yankees sending C.C. Sabathia to the mound at home against Houston’s spot starter – it’s just not close. Romney at +240 is  just a formality so that in the unlikely event he actually wins Vegas isn’t shut down and pulling an AIG bailout.

Interestingly, Obama’s line hasn’t changed appreciably over the debate period.  It’s not like the oddsmakers watched the debates and said, “Oh boy, that was a rough subject for the president; might as well give a little back to the opposition.”  No, the line has been as stable as any in sports. Obama has sat at -285, -300  the entire time since Romney was formally nominated by the GOP.  Obama might as well thank Vegas in his acceptance speech because the house always ends up winning one way or another. Vegas isn’t gonna put itself on the line for a not-so-sure thing. Media polling means nothing to the betting lines.   A look at the international lines indicates that if the election were close the wagering would reflect it. But with the way things are set up you’d have a better chance of the Bills routing the Patriots after having two weeks off.

So good luck Governor, your gonna need a whole lot of bounces your way!