Bears Trade for DT Depth

The Bears have sent a 7th Round Pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Brian Price, a second year player from UCLA. Price had recently become available after he was involved in a skirmish with top pick Mark Barron during a training camp drill. Lovie Smith has addressed the situation as saying you can never have enough defensive line help, and Brian Urlacher echoed his sentiments, saying he was unsure about how the rotation was going to work. Brian Price was drafted in the second round of the 2010 draft and has 20 career games with 14 starts for the Bucs, three sacks and 27 tackles in his career.

Price had a very productive college career as he was named to many first team all Pac-10 teams. The Bucs have one of the youngest teams in the league with several character guys that could derail the team from it’s goal of a divisional championship. These underlying issues made it easy for the Bears to acquire a player, who could prove to be a steal for a 7th round pick.

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