Bears @ ‘Skins

This weekend the Bears travel to the nation’s capital and FedEx Field to take on the 1-4 Redskins led by Robert Griffin. The Bears currently stand as a one-point favorite; in doing so have the ability to maintain their first place standing in the NFC North, and grab a crucial conference win that could have big meaning later in the season.

The Bears have everything to play for in this game and should come out passing to put the lowly Redskins in a hole early. Because the Redskins are playing at home they will try and make big plays to get the crowd going early. The combination of Alfred Morris and Robert Griffin haven’t been the same since the end of last year when RGIII’s knee buckled in the Wild Card Game. RGIII still seems to have lingering effects from last year’s injuries which has removed his mobility as a quarterback. RGIII came into last year as a dynamic mobile quarterback that could move better than his counterparts which included both Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick. Now that RGIII has lost his dynamic speed it has allowed defenses to key in on some of the weapons that Redskins utilized as complimentary pieces to their quarterback.

The Bears’ gameplan this Sunday will be to stop ┬áthe run from Morris and Griffin, while additionally taking away the WR corps. The Bears offense will the keynote of the game as the Redskins defense is rather staunch. The Bears have everything to play for in this game and with a hobbled quarterback that opportunistic defense will be able to exploit many deficiencies that exist in Washington. For the most part Washington would’ve been a competitive team had RGIII been healthy, but with that not being the case Marc Trestman should be able to dial up a gameplan that’ll get Chicago to 5-2 and in a very good position for the second half of the season. Expect the Bears to win this game in a hard fought battle.