Bears Season Implodes

Sunday’s game needs little more analysis than simply to point out that the Bears lost.  All in all the team played a heck of a game – yadda yadda – and managed to come up just short – yadda yadda.  Oh, and let’s not forget that the Bears were never going to make the playoffs this year anyway.  They’re a rebuilding franchise that’s trying to overturn its defense and add weapons to its offense. The emergence of Alshon Jeffery was expected this year and it’s nice that it happened as expected.  Jon Bostic and Khaseem Greene are on their way to becoming very good players and the addition of Martelllus Bennett and Kyle Long will go a long way in revamping the offense.

The Bears main problem is perennially injuries. The biggest stars like Briggs and Tillman were on the mend for most of the year.  Peppers was erratic in showing up.  Cutler finally declared himself injured – yadda yadda – though it’s his contract year so his status quo seems a little counter-intuitive.   And, the ultimate in yadda yadda: Josh McCown is a backup no matter what.

Sunday’s game could and should have been won by Chicago.  They blew a sizeable second-half lead and even had a chance from 47 yards to win the game in OT.  It didn’t happen so the Bears fell to 6-6.  Even if Chicago had won and then, for argument’s sake, ran the table to finish 11-5, they still weren’t getting into the playoffs; neither by wild-card nor divisional supremacy. The NFC is loaded this year.  Just look at Seattle and what they did to New Orleans last night.  That was supposed to be a tight game yet Seattle wiped the floor with the Saints. The two NFC wild-card teams are currently 9-3 and 8-4.  The NFC East and North seem to be merely spectating the West and South, which are boasting some heavy brass. The best team in football is picturesquely situated in the Great Northwest of the United States, and it now have a two-game lead on Home-Field Advantage where – FYI – Russell Wilson has never lost.

It now appears that after last night the only team that could go into Seattle and win may be the Panthers or 49ers.  Luckily for the AFC nobody from that conference will have to contend with the Seahawks until they’ve got a road game in New York City.  That seems to be the only way Tom Brady or Peyton Manning are going to be able to derail the Wilson juggernaut.