Bears Draft Preview

Tyler Eifert is one of the brightest prospects in the NFL Draft, which is being held next week in Radio City Music Hall in New York.  The Bears have pick #20.  Eifert – who went to Notre Dame, hails from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and who fits the bill for the Bears’ tight end needs – seems to be the easy pick.  I hear the endless chatter about OL help, but if Eifert is still available then he should get the nod.  The Bears may even try and trade up to get him.  At 6′-5″ and 250 pounds, Eifert can be a down-the-field player between the hashmarks and distract coverage of Brandon Marshall. The idea would be to get Eifert and turn him into a Gronkowski. This would do wonders for the performance (and careers) of both Cutler and Marshall.  Martellus Bennett is a nice addition, but he was added for blocking in the run game and will be taken out on third down.  Eifert can play off Bennett and allow Marshall to get open.  With Forte healthy and available for draws and screens, the Bears’ offense instantly becomes elite. The addition of the tackle on the left side is good, and there will be guards available in later rounds.

The Bears’ 20th and 50th picks will be two of the biggest decisions of Phil Emery’s young GM tenure.  If – and only if – the Bears can get two impact players with these slots, or if the Bears can accumulate picks with those positions, they will be well on their way to becoming a championship franchise.  The NFL wants football to thrive in Chicago, the third-biggest TV market.

Tyler Eifert and Brian Schwenke, the center from Cal, would make fans thrilled with the crop of players coming into the system. Both would be expected to contribute impactfully to the offensive motor that Trestman wants to run.  On the defensive side of the ball, the loss of Nick Roache hurts and needs addressing.  The Bears have the 117th pick, and if miracles occur then the availability of either Khasseem Greene (Rutgers) or Nico Johnson (Alabama) would have Bears’ fans dancing in the streets. These are the players Chicago needs, and getting even one of the four players would be great, but it’s most likely not going to happen. Hope for the best and maybe Emery will shock the city with something bold to stir the pot.  Then all that’s left to assume is Jay Cutler’s confidence, with which the team will be contenders.


The connection of Notre Dame prospects is starting to pile up in the city and it’s helping to guide kids in the direction of sports in the surrounding area. Eifert being from Ft. Wayne helps and the connection both Smardzija and Zbikowski already being with the Bears can have even more meaning if the Bears and Cubs can turnaround their fortunes.