BCS is Bipolar

Won’t be in BCS, but could win Heisman and be the only player to defeat ‘Bama when all is said and done

Georgia failed in the waning minutes to crash the BCS National Title party, and the perfect confluence of losses occured elsewhere to lift Northern Illinois to a BCS bowl game.  The result is the Notre Dame – Alabama game that gives the Irish an unambiguous shot at being recognized as the best college football team in the nation.  The result also includes some crazy matchups that beg serious scrutiny of the BCS system.

The BCS has 2 great games in the Fiesta Bowl and National Championship game.  These are highly anticipated contests, but other games scheduled under the BCS moniker are almost inexplicably bad. The Sugar Bowl matchup is a 16.5 point spread and Orange Bowl’s is a 13.5 point spread and — let’s just call it for what it is — getting no respect from oddsmakers doesn’t exactly command respect from others.  How can the BCS expect to maximize ratings when the games are expected to be 2-touchdown walkovers?  That’s a tough sell to any viewer. What will I be doing during the Orange Bowl?  Wishing it was the Cotton Bowl!  During the Sugar Bowl I’ll be wishing it was the Capitol One Bowl?  If I’m more excited for the Capital One Bowl over a primetime game then something is very wrong in the universe.

If this represents the future of the BCS then throw out the conference alignments and make it a free-for-all for the top 8 teams to compete head-to-head and make the best games possible.  I should’t have to channel surf when a BCS is on; it should be default best game.  Nor should I have to wait for January 7th to be excited about a game. Once the Rose Bowl kicks off I should be anticipating a game every night of the week until the climactic event that will or won’t be the National Title.


Alabama has gained a point and a half since the betting opened on Saturday Night.

Orange Bowl Tickets are going for less than $20 on some resale Websites.