April Fool’s Near Death

It’s only funny when no one gets hurt.  This year was a sure fire win for youtube user WendyCobb, a mother from South Carolina who had a near death experience on the highway.

The woman was driving on the highway behind two trucks playing cat and mouse, when a 2×4 wood plank impaled her windshield, striking inches away from her head.

Wendy Cobb was attempting to document the trucks’ behavior on tape, in hopes of turning in to the police or the companies of which the trucks belong to.  With one hand on the steering wheel, and the other holding a camera, the woman drove behind the truck in the left lane when it hit a wood plank on the side of the road.  The wood ricocheted from the back wheel and flew into her windshield, impaling only the glass, leaving her with no injuries.

The video has been posted on youtube since April 2nd, leaving viewers to watch in awe and disbelief.  Some have even presumed the entire event to be staged.

To view the video and see for yourself, click here.