Another Win For Bulls

Indianapolis — The Bulls win their third to take the commanding lead to 3-0 in the first round series against the Pacers Thursday night.

Another bad night for people surrering from heart conditions, with some questionable calls going for home team, vicious fouls being dished out, and another down to the last minute victory for the Bulls 88-84.

Once again the game was inevitably decided in the fourth quarter, Derrick Rose and Kyle Korver have been making the tough pressure shots this series and they wouldn’t disappoint fans Thursday night.

“We have had a lot of close games all year,” Bulls guard Kyle Korver said about teammate Rose. “He always wants the ball at the end, and usually, he comes through.”

Chicago and Indiana were tied at half and the intensity was just starting to brew up.  Carlos Boozer bumped into some fouls, a couple elbows found a little bit of contact.  Half way through the third Rose was fouled hard by Indiana’s two big men Hansbrough and Foster which started an altercation, but none of that would keep the Bulls down.

“I don’t think we’re upset about it,” Korver said about Thursday’s game play. “I think you expect that in the playoffs.  Jeff Foster had a couple of pretty hard fouls. I think it’s what you expect when you’re playing in the playoffs.”

Still a tight game through three, the Bulls would go on a 10-0 run in the fourth to regain their lead with some help from Korver’s big three.  But the Pacers would find away to get back to a tie game 84-84 with just acouple minutes left in the match.

The Bulls would miss their chance of taking control of the lead but they held strong and forced a missed shot giving them the ball with under forty seconds left to play.

Who is going to get the Bulls shot?  Who do you want taking that shot?  Korver has been hot for all of the fourth, but Derrick Rose is the leading MVP candidate?  Well the Pacers tried to do both, Rose would drive the hole taking on four Pacers, (the other Pacer was guarding on Korver) and Rose would find away to get the rock to drop grabbing the lead 86-84 with seventeen seconds left to play.

Indiana called a time out and drew up a play to attempt to answer back.  Danny Grainger who has been big for the Pacers would take their shot trying for a three, getting a good look but not coming through as the hero for Indiana.

With one second left Ronnie Brewer would get fouled after making the rebound sending him to the line where he would finish off the Pacers making both shots.

“We’re really frustrated right now,” Indiana forward Tyler Hansbrough said. “For all three games, it came down to one or two baskets or one or two possessions.”

Derrick Rose lead both teams with 23 points, Joakim Noah had a nice game getting a double-double, 11 points and 11 boards.  Carlos Boozer had an off night only putting up 4 and Luol Deng always giving a solid performance for Chicago made 21 and dished out 6 assists.

‘‘It feels amazing,’’ forward Joakim Noah said. ‘‘A lot of people say, ‘You should be winning by a lot bigger margin. I promise, we’re trying as hard as we can. That’s the beauty of it. To be in a 3-0 position and know we can play a lot better. That’s exciting stuff. It’s gotta be a positive.’’

Chicago will try and sweep the Pacers and extend their 12 game winning streak Saturday in Indiana at 1:30pm on TNT.


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