Alderman Candidate is Also a Mentor

Che “Rhymefest” Smith, candidate for 20th Ward Alderman is not just known to be a rapper, but also a mentor.

On Sunday, Smith received the Happiness Club 2011 Mentorship Award for his positive influences and impact on the young members of the club.

Smith, collaborated with the young adult members of the Happiness Club and co-wrote and featured on the perfectly titled song Victory.  Smith can relate to the young members of the club using music as an escape of hardships growing up in Chicago.

“Smith, like The Happiness Club, has always used music as a platform to stimulate social change. As a role model, Che is proof positive that hard work, focus and dedication to one’s craft is the path to a successful and productive future,” said Maureen Schulman, Happiness Club Board President.

Smith’s aldermanic platform is surrounded around unifying the community of the 20th ward. View the magic behind the music here.