Airborne Onslaught



Accompanying the icy arctic air this winter is a beast lurking in plain sight. The same mammoth monster that rears his ugly head annually. This beast is better known as a infects ribonucleic acid virus, more commonly known as Influenza or ‘the flu’ for short. This airborne virus is such a threat that the CDC distributes immunizations for the most common strain of this aerosol menace. Chicagoans do not seem to realize that their beloved city is being over taken with this incurable virus. Some hospitals in the Chicagoland area are so over run with cases of influenza that they have been put on a so-called bypass status, meaning that ambulatory patients will be turned to other hospitals. Every year the CDC reiterates the basic, common-sense rules for winter health safety. Step one: wash your hands with soap for up to 20 seconds. Step two: drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Step three: make sure you are eating healthy to get all the vitamins and minerals you need to keep your immune system up and running.

As of yesterday ABC Chicago reported five deaths in the Chicago area and seven in Indiana. As 2013 gets started, remember the basics of human hygiene and keep in mind your fellow brethren who may suffer this intolerable, incurable virus that plagues us all.