A Perfect Game For Felix

Seattle’s Felix Hernandez threw a perfect game this afternoon against the red-hot Tampa Bay Rays. Hernandez, who is the best pitcher in baseball this year, threw 113 pitches (12 strikeouts) without allowing a single hitter to first base. He has now thrown 4 complete-game shutouts since June 28th. The 26-year-old Venezuelan is on one of the worst offensive teams in baseball, which makes his accomplishments so much more impressive and necessary. To imagine him on a team that can actually score runs conjures up comparisons to Pedro in the late nineties. The game today and two of his other shutouts ended in scores of 1-0. Hernandez has been the most sought-after commodity in baseball. However the “King” owns Seattle and he is a beloved sports figure in that city. This is MLB’s third perfect game of the year, and the sixth no-hitter. Pitchers are starting to overpower offenses at will. Felix Hernandez will undoubtedly surpass C.C. Sabathia as the highest paid pitcher and could even be the highest paid player altogether. His perfect game will only strengthen his economic value, motivating big market teams to do whatever it takes to attract Jack Zduriencik’s attention to the possibility of Hernandez getting to play in a game that rises above his regular season circumstances.